Regal Chess

Monoprint-collages: Archive quality digital prints  with, variously: artist-originated digitally printed collage, oil pastel and ink additions, all on A3 paper

" ... . The chessboard before him is a magnetic field, a system of stresses and abysses, a starry firmament ... But whatever I can say about this matter of problem composing, I do not seem to convey sufficiently the ecstatic core of the process and its points of connection with various other, more overt and fruitful, operations of the creative mind, from the charting of dangerous seas to the writing of one of those incredible novels where the author, in a fit of lucid madness, has set himself certain unique rules that he observes, certain nightmare obstacles that he surmounts, with the zest of a deity building a live world from the most unlikely ingredients—rocks and carbon, and blind throbbings”... "

Vladimir Nabokov

                                           All images copyright Jerry Scott