Galilee series

On this and other pages are some examples of my work. The menu above will take you to some of them and to the Archives where there are many more.

The collages are all made from paper I have designed and printed, pasted onto cartridge paper, using conservation grade wheat starch paste. Sometimes there is also hand-colouring. The paintings in other sections of the site are acrylic on canvas and, occasionally, on board.

The prices of collages range from about £600 to £1200. The prices of paintings range from £600 to £2500. Prints are typically £250 to £395. If you would like to see more of my work at first hand, there is a good selection on view in York and you can visit my studio. You can contact me on 07729 800 622 or email me at

The collages on this page are from a recent series of small and medium size collages. They are all on cartridge paper. They range in price from £400 to £800. The sizes are approximate.

Lime Galilee 1

A Fig Tree - 590 x 420 mm

A storm coming

A storm coming - 420 x 300 mm

Galilee yellow 1

Galilee yellow 1 - 590 x 420 mm

Lake storm

Sea storm - 590 x 420 mm

The waves

The waves - 840 x 590 mm

Sudden sunshine

Sudden sea sunshine 590 x 420 mm


Dusk - 590 x 420 mm

Shore music

Shore music - 420 x 300 mm

                                           All images copyright Jerry Scott